Heating and Air Conditioning expert

I have some particularly relaxing music that the two of us have made up in our band, however the two of us need more lyrics in the music, so I am going to start toiling on them over the next few months.

I want to write about my task as a heating and cooling company and where my life has taken myself and others over the past multiple years, and hopefully put those lyrics into some of the music the two of us have composed over the past year or so. I know that Heating and Air Conditioning unit and technology isn’t the most exciting of topics, despite the fact that I know the two of us can make some particularly relaxing music if the two of us can get the words for them, as the two of us already have the music and chorus parts done on the music. I have had a lot of experiences since getting into the heating and cooling industry so numerous years ago, and I know the two of us could make those experiences into some relaxing music over time. I’ve met a lot of odd people over the years and would like to weave them into these music and make them funny too. I’ve had oil heating systems blow up in my face, HEPA filters get chewed up by wild rabbits, and lawsuits over a/c units that almost froze the homeowners to death when they didn’t stop running during the Winter time. Life can be funny if you look at it from the right angle, and I know I have that angle and can make some relaxing music if I put my mind to it. Thank you to the Heating and Air Conditioning industry and all of those crazy experiences.


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