Heating plus A/C still going thanks to Heating plus A/C maintenance

I can’t guess that the two of us are getting ready to go into our 28th Spring plus summer time with the heat pump the two of us had installed by the Heating plus A/C contractor.

All those years ago, this heat pump was a nice value for quality heating plus air but actually not the top of the line Heating plus A/C equipment.

But really, my partner plus I weren’t all that distraught about high end residential Heating plus A/C at the time. All of us were absolutely doing our best just to replace the heating plus cooling equipment, the apartment itself had taken just about all of our savings when it came to coming up with the downpayment. Thankfully, the Heating plus A/C contractor for the Heating plus A/C contractor that the two of us still use steered us to the heat pump the two of us ended up choosing, however he also offered us a tip that has ended up paying so many dividends over what is almost a thirty year span… Once that heat pump was installed, the Heating plus A/C contractor briefed us on just how important consistent, seasonal Heating plus A/C maintenance was. He told us that not only would it serve us by having the heat pump operating at peak efficiency, it would add years to the life of the heat pump. I just can’t guess that the two of us got this many years out of the heat pump due to Heating plus A/C maintenance. Honestly, I thought if the two of us were to get 20 years out of our heating plus cooling equipment, we’d be lucky. And yet, here the two of us are going into year 29. It’s May plus the two of us just got the A/C tune up done. Believe it or not, the Heating plus A/C worker said the two of us are nice to go as this heat pump just keeps on pumping.
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