Helping my boyfriend’s friend with his heat pump

We had been dating for seven months, and I had already met his parents and most of his friends.

They had a weekly quiz night which is where I met his parents.

My boyfriend, Chad, and I met while on vacation, and when we realized we came from the same neighborhood, we were ecstatic. We continued talking and hanging out even after the break; the rest is history. I worked as an HVAC professional with a local heating company and thought his friends and family knew that. However, one winter quiz night, I overheard my boyfriend’s friend, Billy, talk about his difficulty with this heat pump. Severally, he woke up in a cold house because his unit had broken down. He spoke about dealing with several heating technicians from various heating businesses, but none had given him a lasting solution. Since I work in the heating industry and enjoy my work, I told him about my profession and requested to help with indoor comfort. We arranged to meet the following day at his house in the suburbs. The heater maintenance confirmed my fears; the unit had aged, and some parts no longer worked optimally. I advised Billy that the best approach would be to get new heating. The interaction with the multiple technicians led billy to learn more about heating from online sources. I was impressed by how much he knew about whole-home heating systems. My next stop was the heating dealer to purchase a new unit for Bily, including a smart thermostat to make it easier to set her preferred temperatures. I finished the new heat pump installation by noon y, and Billy would not have been more pleased.



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