Holes in The Ductwork

For a few weeks, I had been waking up in the middle of the night due to heat.

No matter how low I inched my thermostat settings down, my bedroom was too hot. I didn’t notice the heat before going to bed, but it was definitely too hot after a few hours of sleep. Even with the ceiling fan running, I was waking up due to the heat. At some point, I realized this was a problem, so I scheduled an HVAC tune up. When the HVAC professional came, I told him about the temperature difference in my bedroom, especially during the evenings. He walked around the entire house with a special thermometer to check the temperature. Afterwards, he confirmed that there was a significant temperature difference in my bedroom. From there, he was able to examine the HVAC system even further. What he found was surprising to me. The ductwork connecting to the air vents in my bedroom had a lot of holes that were causing the air to leak. My room was hotter than any of the other rooms in my house because all of my AC was escaping before it could even get through my air vents. The HVAC professional told me that he’d be able to patch all of the holes and then my airflow would continue like normal. So far, I’ve noticed a big difference in the temperature of my bedroom. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night due to the heat and the temperature doesn’t feel so drastically different than the other rooms.

a/c professional