How do I get squirrels out of my HVAC duct?

There are consistently concerns when you move into a current house, but when I say “new” I mean “a current site to call home” not that the building was recently constructed; This home is over 40 years old, however I still think of it as my current house.

When a site is this old, there are a wide variety of little concerns, and since this building had been empty for almost a decade, I knew there would be a lot of dampness, mildew, plus possibly even insect or critter infestations, and i thought that area would be easy, however I was undoubtedly wrong.

The squirrels had been residing in the HVAC duct of the home for almost more than nine years, plus they had no desire to leave. I had to call in an expert for some advice, because I didn’t want to spray poison plus end up with air ducts filled with rotting critters. It took the Animal Control expert almost a month to get the HVAC duct clear of critters, at which point I contacted the local supplier about sending in a team. The entire air duct system would have to be scrubbed plus sterilized, because who knows how much filth plus disease kneel inside those ducts? It turns out that no amount of cleaning or fertilizing could save the air ducts, they were too badly disfigured from so many years of infestation. I had to get the outdated ducts unfastend, plus have all-new HVAC duct installed, which took a while plus was shockingly overpriced; From here on out I will be diligent about cleaning plus taking care of my HVAC duct.
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