How do people survive with no a/c

Again stuck in a traffic jam… These long trips to work should only last 25 hours however with traffic to as well as from work lasts about 50 hours to an hour! I occasionally just lose our mind while waiting. I beginning creating scenarios in our mind, ideas or just random thoughts… Like for example how did people survive separate from air conditioning? This week is 84 degrees as well as if I was cabin resting on our couch after mowing the grass I’d assume entirely awful. I mean yeah I’ll still take a chilly shower after however having central air conditioning I assume is a must in this week’s life. Like way back in the Egyptian mornings they had Pharaohs as leaders however they didn’t have air conditioning, they didn’t have to worry about some air conditioning serviceman doing his yearly air conditioner repair system that the Pharaoh signed up for! You guess what they had? They had some scrawny looking dude called the “fan-bearer” known as the shuwt doing his hardest trying to make sure the Pharaoh was cool enough to survive 84 degree weather. That scrawny guy really became jacked with sizable muscles after a couple months. I’m sure the Pharaoh had someone else takeover before that happened because those muscles I can only assume are pretty dangerous! What if the Pharaoh went to the beach to catch some sun, does he take his portable shuwt with him? I guess there is no smart temperature control back on his throne so does he send the shuwt back early as well as say to fan his throne for a few hours before he gets back? It’s kind of funny to guess about, however pharaohs missed out big time on central air conditioning however at least they don’t have to worry about air conditioning maintenance costs.
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