How hard can it be to change an air filter?

I thought changing an air filter in an HVAC system should be fairly easy.

You open the air filter compartment, take out the old air filter, and put a new air filter inside. Simple? Right? Not for me. I had a hard time getting the air filter compartment open. Once I got it open, the air filter was stuck, and the dust and dirt got all over everything. I tried to vacuum up the mess, but I was afraid it had gotten into the furnace, and I knew some components didn’t handle that very well. I was going to put a new air filter into the furnace, but I was concerned that if the dirt was there, I could ruin the furnace. I called the HVAC company and told them about my air filter dilemma. The person who answered the phone told me it should be okay to put a new air filter in, but she wanted me to talk to an HVAC technician. Wouldn’t you know it, but they put my brother on the phone? He asked if he could help, and he laughed as soon as he heard my voice. He said he was going to be a professional HVAC technician until he heard me, but he had to laugh. I was the only person he knew who could turn changing an air filter into a reason to call the HVAC company for help. Not only did he come to the house to clean up the mess I made, but he enjoyed telling the story when we all got together for dinner that weekend. No matter what, I will never call the HVA company again if I make a stupid mistake.