Husband doesn’t take care of himself

I worry about my husband’s health and future quality of life. He and I are the same age. We met and started dating in high school and have been married for thirty-five years. I have always been involved in sports and made fitness a priority. I workout every single day for at least an hour. My training sessions include approximately 30 to 40 minutes of high intensity cardio exercise. I vary between running, cycling, jumping rope, swimming and kayaking. I am conscientious about always beginning with a dedicated warm up. I take the time to stretch all of my muscles and actively work on my flexibility, balance and range of motion. During every workout, I target strength training. I might do a series of lunges, squats and push-ups or lift hand weights or kettlebells. I have an incline bench that allows me to really concentrate on abdominal muscles. I have a mini trampoline that is both fun and beneficial to burning calories, elevating my heart rate and getting lungs working at maximum capacity. Along with a dedicated exercise regiment, I am conscientious about drinking enough water and getting plenty of sleep. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or take any kind of medication. I don’t eat fast food. I am a vegetarian and invest heavily into top quality skin and hair care products. My husband never exercises, drinks lots of coffee and smokes cigarettes. He tends to sleep odd hours and eats a lot of pizza, burgers and steak. He complains about painful joints, headaches, stomach issues and a sore back. I’ve tried to convince him to take better care of himself, but he won’t listen.


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