HVAC installation didn't go as planned

Nothing is more frustrating than having things not go to plan.

  • When I purchased a new heating and cooling system from the local heating and AC supplier, I didn’t think any of it.

I suppose you can say I thought in the form of steps. Step one, I would buy the heating and AC unit from the heating and cooling business and do all the necessary work and pay for it. Step two, I have a professionally installed by the local heating and AC technicians. Step three, I go and enjoy my new cooling system. Unfortunately, not all was meant to be this way. Not only was installing it and even pushing it was more complicated than I thought it would be. But also someone somewhere messed up during the installation process. I had multiple Heating and cooling technicians I had came out to my house when the installation was being done and so I’m not sure who messed up but somebody messed up because they were not able to install the heating and a c system correctly and worse my HVAC unit was actually damaged! Because this is the fault of one of the heating and AC technicians I was given A new heating and cooling unit free of charge. I ultimately decided to go with another heating and AC company to have it professionally installed, I didn’t want to take the risk with this since somebody messed up. I believe that going with another company would be the best way.

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