HVAC made my wedding great

When I was planning for my wedding I was so excited and distracted that I almost forgot about getting HVAC units.

I decided to have a wedding in a mansion that I rented out, but the mansion’s HVAC system needed some work.

When I was decorating the house, I got really hot and tried to turn on the central air conditioning unit. I went to the thermostat, but for some reason the thermostat screen was blank and not working. I tried turning on the central air conditioning unit manually, but that also didn’t work. I called my dad, who is an HVAC technician, and asked him if he could come take a look at the thermostat and the central air conditioning unit for me. When he arrived he took apart the thermostat and tried to fix it, but it was too old and rusty to work. My dad then went over to the central air conditioning unit and inspected it to see if he could find anything wrong with it. Luckily for me, my dad is an excellent HVAC technician and he fixed a few things on the central air conditioning unit for me for free. Unfortunately, he had to order a new thermostat which would arrive the day of the wedding! When the thermostat arrived, my dad immediately installed it and turned on the central air conditioning unit so it would be a comfortable temperature when my guests started to arrive. My dad installed the thermostat just in time and my wedding went really well. I was so thankful that the air conditioning was working and the house was comfortable for my wedding.



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