HVAC repair didn’t even have to happen

It appears that being patient and prepared are a pair of really important things I’m here on earth to learn.

And it’s been that way my whole life.

The plan has never been my strong suit. I’m always in a rush to get the answers. This isn’t a great recipe for the way the world works. But when it came to me allowing an HVAC break down that didn’t have happen, that really upset me. At least, I’ve learned something from the experience. The HVAC maintenance is getting done every spring and every fall going forward forever. It’s pretty simple, I get busy and forget stuff. The HVAC maintenance just has to happen. And it should have happened this fall. It’s not the first time I’ve missed it. So, I just sort of blew it off and hoped for the best when it came to the gas furnace last winter. Well, that was a stupid thing to do as a gas furnace stopped working one night. Of course, it was one of the colder nights in the winter. The fact it was there was no HVAC heating was what woke me up. It was cold in our room and I knew something was up. I tried so hard to get the gas furnace to restart but it didn’t. I ended up having to call for an emergency HVAC service. That cost me a bundle. it cost far more for that emergency HVAC service then it would have cost to have the HVAC heating maintenance done properly. Now that I have the HVAC service plan, the HVAC company can do the remembering.
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