HVAC repair in the holiday home

It could have been worse

More and more people rent their holiday homes on Airbnb for additional income, and I joined this new trend. I put up my holiday home to rent it out to travelers. It was my first time renting it out, and I got someone as soon as I put up the home online. I had yet to think it through as I felt the home needed more preparation! A afternoon before the guest arrived, I called the heating and air conditioning company and planned for heating and air conditioning service on the unit as early as possible. The heating and air conditioning repairman informed me that the heat pump had some issues, some brought by the dirty furnace filter. When not staying full-time or for the better part of the year, one must remember certain things, then my only prayer was that the furnace/heater repair would not be extravagant. I needed the heating and air conditioning systems at their best to help with indoor comfort since guests were coming, and I wanted them to have a wonderful experience so that we could attract more business. When the heating and air conditioning specialist gave me the cost of the entire heat pump service, I was relieved, not that it came cheap but because it did not involve new parts other than the filter. It could have been worse. The issue with the furnace taught me more about heating and what I would do as a homeowner to ensure that the heating and air conditioning component was running optimally. At the end of that afternoon, the arena had quality heating, was sparkling clean, and was ready to receive guests. I enjoyed everything I had done with the home and hoped the guests would like it too.

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