HVAC technician handles surprise I missed

Without a doubt, I was eager to move out of my apartments and into a home of my own.

Additionally, I overlooked a significant heating and cooling issue in my haste to leave my apartment and move into my new home.

I was aware that I would require new HVAC equipment because the central air conditioning system was outdated. But when it came to the ductwork, I kind of blew it. I was rushing because my lease was about to expire when I was buying my home. I, therefore, tried to move things along quickly. Prior to the sale, a home inspection had been conducted. And it returned with a long list of issues that needed to be resolved. I was aware, though, that this location would require a lot of time and effort to completely finish. To escape the apartment lifestyle and begin accumulating some equity, however, I was prepared to do that. Simply making the space livable was all I was attempting to do. The rest of the items that required renovation would then be my next priority. So I began with what I thought would be just a simple upgrade to the heating and cooling system. But when the HVAC contractor performed the inspection on his first visit, it was obvious that the ductwork was damaged. I was taken aback by this and later discovered that my haste caused me to overlook this on the home inspection report. But this HVAC expert had this surprise completely covered. By installing a ductless multi split system rather than replacing the ductwork and the HVAC unit, he was able to keep my HVAC upgrade budget intact.


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