HVAC technology is greatly improved

I still remember seeing the horror movie Friday the 13th when I was a teen. It’s such a cool campy movie and they made so many sequels I can’t even count them on 2 hands. I’m not really superstitious but when I was running my painting contractor back in the afternoon I never would walk under a ladder. It may be a smart idea not to because someone could be now working above and drop something and then your bad luck would start. I’ve seen air conditioner window units fall from the second floor of a building and come crashing down on the street. Luckily, nobody was walking below it or they would be toast, and that would be called an unlucky afternoon. I am thrilled I don’t have those wall A/C units in my house anymore, the central air conditioner machine is much more efficient and quiet. They have really got the HVAC technology down to a science and running the A/C machine a lot on warm days doesn’t cost you so much anymore, if you have a newer machine that is. I am going to relax this week and take it simple because I did a lot of tasks this week on the outside of the house and am pretty fatigued and sore. I may do some task on the temperature control for my smart control machine because it is running too warm at night after setting it to a cooler temperature. I know it is an energy saving program that changes the temperature in the middle of the night on the control unit.


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