I actually have a good time working on HVAC machines these days

I suppose a single component of living a truly happy life is not complaining about things plus trying to enjoy the moments as you live them. I don’t want to wake up when I am 92 years outdated plus realize that I was upset plus complaining throughout my life. I totally learned this from the HEPA filter sales pro who worked at the local company where I used to live. I suppose it is possible to enjoy life as it happens plus to be present while it is happening. It just takes a small amount of practice to do so, although I assume that every one of us can all have a happier life if every one of us learn to be present plus not judge so many things that come our way. The worker at the Heating in addition to A/C company shop entirely showed me a lot about living in the present moment plus just enjoying the ride. I suppose she is right, because if you complain plus are negative in life, when you look back on your life it won’t seem so incredible. I am coming to learn to enjoy my air duct cleaning tasks plus Heating in addition to A/C installation tasks more plus have an awesome time doing them. I wouldn’t say it is always a barrel of monkeys, but most of my afternoons at my job aren’t bad. I used to dread having to go to do work on commercial heating plus cooling machines, but now it is mostly a good experience plus I have the HEPA filter lady to thank for teaching me everything. I will try to spread the wisdom to others when I come around.


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