I am scared of gas heaters and gas fireplaces

One thing I do not appreciate is gas heating systems plus gas fireplaces! Anything having to do with gas I will never put into my home, this is because I do not trust gas, so many fatal accidents can happen from these! From fires to carbon monoxide poisoning.

So when it comes to central heaters, I go for anything that is electric or water based, then like portable space heaters, steam boilers plus sizzling water boilers.

Of course central heating plus air coolers are ok too! With fireplaces it would be only authentic real fireplaces or electric fireplaces… Never a real gas fireplace. Although the red flame is nice looking plus all, it still scares myself and others because it is gas! I will never have any gas in the locale where I live. When I was renting houses back when, if it had a gas oil furnace or even a gas stove I would not rent the locale. Today I have your simple basic central heating plus air cooler that takes care of all my heating plus cooling needs, and I also have a smart thermostat which is genuinely convenient. This is the best way to go for myself and others in my opinion. I do not recognize how others may recognize gas heating systems plus gas fireplaces, but you will never catch myself and others for even a million bucks messing with a gas oil furnace, gas heating system or even a gas fireplace; give myself and others the simple electric any day. Sure electric heating systems can cause fires, just appreciate anything else. But there are no carbon monoxide poisoning risks with anything electric. So that is where I stay!


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