I bought an old coffee table.

I was at a yard sale last week.

I was looking for some wood chairs for my kitchen.

Instead of chairs, an old coffee table caught my eye. I asked the owner how much she wanted for the coffee table. It had a lot of dings in the wood, but it was old, and I loved it. She told me the coffee table belonged to her great-grandmother. Since it was so old, damaged, and ugly, she asked if five dollars would be too much. I could see the beauty in the coffee table that I was sure she never noticed. I appeared to be handmade, and I paid her the five dollars. Once I got it home, I was thinking about sanding the old paint off and wondering what stain I should use. My husband came home and he seemed excited at the purchase I made. He told me to go easy when I removed the paint because he suspected it was an antique Victoria burr walnut. He said there was probably an intricate design under the paint, and it was made in the 1860’s. If it was the coffee table he thought it would, it would be worth more than $2000. He asked how much I paid for it, and he grinned when I told him. He said we had the find of the century. I asked him if he had a mouse in his pocket, because I had found the coffee table. I wasn’t going to sell it or put it in a museum. I wanted the table, and I bought it. He relented and said he didn’t want to sell it, but it looked just like the coffee table his great-grandmother had in her parlor.
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