I could hear the gal's gas furnace explode.

I woke up to the home shaking plus the sound of an explosion.

I thought I was dreaming, plus hoped I was dreaming, even though I could smell smoke coming through my house.

At first, I thought something had exploded in my house, even though I saw the flames flickering outside my window, then my neighbor’s home was engulfed in flames. I pulled on my robe plus slippers, woke my partner plus told him something had happened, however the flames were so overheated plus high, that they were singing our house. I decided to get dressed plus so did my partner. By the time all of us were out of the house, our neighbors were out of theirs, however they weren’t so fortunate to get any belongings. I asked if all the people was okay, however all she could do was hug me plus nod. Her kids were sitting on our porch with my partner plus crying because their puppy was still in the house. The fire warden came over plus told my buddy that he was sure the gas furnace exploded, plus they were fortunate no 1 was disfigured or killed. My buddy cried even harder plus said that everything they owned was gone. Her partner was calling to see if there was someplace to stay, even though I told him to hang up the PC, then our gas furnace was laboring fine, plus the kids were already sleeping on the sofa. I heard the neighbor’s gas furnace explode that night plus it left me with nightmares. I was glad I could provide them solace plus a place to stay, however that didn’t get their condo back. The fire warden said there was a gas leak in the gas furnace.


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