I delayed the celebration for sewer line fixes.

For the last multiple weeks, our family & I had been planning a surprise 90th birthday celebration for our mom, and both of us were all surprised when she told us she had never had a birthday celebration, & the people I was with and I wanted her to have 1 before it was too late, and she was living with our sibling & had Dad helping with some of the cooking.

She fabricated a story about catering her best friend’s birthday celebration & help Dad helping her! My fiance & I were getting the cake, & the people I was with and I were all going to meet at our sister’s cabin & surprise mom.

Both of us had over seventy-numerous guests invited, & everything set up when I realized our yard was soggy & it hadn’t rained in over a week; I instantly realized I had a sewer problem & I had to call the plumber, when I got on the cellphone, I told him I had an emergency sewer line repair. I had to have it done by 4 PM because I was having a surprise birthday celebration for our mom. By 3 PM, I was sure the plumber was going to be late. I called our siblings & sister & told them the celebration was delayed by a half sixth because of sewer line repairs. My older sibling asked if the people I was with and I wanted to waylay the guests to her house, however the people I was with and I didn’t have time. Some people were travelling an sixth to the celebration, & the people I was with and I couldn’t change their plans mid-trip. It took the plumber a little more than an sixth to fix the sewer line, however it was going to takemuch longer for the yard to dry up. Both of us ended up having the celebration inside, which was better, because it soon started raining.



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