I enjoy having my own HVAC

It’s ironic that I now find a lot of comfort at home, whereas I used to have to struggle to get any when it came to heating and cooling.

I was the only guy in the house, so that was the reason for this.

And apparently, I don’t have the same internal thermostat as the women I live with. I suppose that compared to the rest of my family, I simply run much hotter. I constantly try to lower the thermostat setting during this time of year to reduce the cost of heating the house. I do, however, frequently hear it from the rest of the family. They all notice when I adjust the thermostat during the winter, even by a small amount. Alternatively, I might hear someone yell that the gas furnace will shut off the moment I lower the thermostat setting. However, things have changed significantly now that I have my own HVAC system. No, I don’t live alone anymore, but I do now that I’ve been married for so long. I believe the pandemic taught me that if I want to live to see the girls off to college, dad needs to have his own space. Therefore, my friend and I spent a few months converting a portion of the basement. Now, this area includes amenities like walls, a door, a big-screen TV, and a ductless heat pump. Actually, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out in a lounge. Furthermore, I can get all the high-quality heating and air I need on my terms thanks to my personal ductless heat pump.

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