I enjoyed my tiny house, but I enjoyed the HVAC system a lot.

It took myself and others some time before I had the HVAC system installed in my tiny home, but it was worth it.

I enjoyed my new home.

I had it set up in a community where everyone had tiny homes. The two of us had a shared water system, sewage system, & lights. The two of us each paid our individual light bills, but they split the sewage & water between the homeowners. It was an HOA without all the rules. It didn’t take long to become comfortable in my tiny home. There were numerous people who gathered in the proper section where the two of us picnicked together & became friends, and once Winter time arrived, I was even more in love with my ductless HVAC system than I was with the tiny house. The ductless HVAC system kept myself and others sizzling & comfortable all year round. I had 1 friend that came over to visit often. He thought my ductless HVAC system was better than his. The two of us would rest in the kitchen enjoying each other’s corporation. Occasionally the two of us played games, but most of the time, the two of us watched seasoned TV shows. He said that was when TV was meant to be fun & entertaining. I knew that if he liked my HVAC system better than his, it must be good. I was thinking he & I could become more than friends until a vehicle pulled into his driveway 1 night. He called & told myself and others he had to forego our movie night. His girlfriend had come in from the city, & would be there for the long weekend. I didn’t invite him over after that. He could rest in his condo & care about his less than perfect HVAC system, because I was no longer sharing mine.

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