I found several of our army boys in the HVAC duct

I gained a telephone call from a lady that was frantic because she thought that there were rats in the HVAC duct of her home! I got some information from the lady love her name, telephone number, and address.

I was the person to take the call. I wasn’t sure if I would absolutely be able to solve the problem. If there were rats in the HVAC duct of her home, she was going to need to get an exterminator out there before I could do anything to help with the HVAC duct problems. I had 1 air conditioning repair that afternoon before I went to help the lady with the HVAC duct problem. The air conditioning repair was much easier to repair than I expected, so I ended up at the next address an third ahead of time. The woman was really cheerful that I showed up earlier instead of later. I started checking the duct labor for signs of rats or mice. It’s absolutely easy to tell if there have been pets inside of the HVAC duct because they leave droppings everywhere they go. I used a special camera to look through most of the HVAC duct. The camera is on the end of a long pole that is stretchy. I didn’t see any evidence of pets in the HVAC duct and that includes rats and mice. I did see several yellow army boys in the HVAC duct. They were right above the area where the woman said she heard the noise. I suspected they might have been rattling around. I didn’t charge the woman a fortune for the information or the retrieval of the several captains.


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