I got really lucky with a handsome in addition to kind HVAC tech

Tscheme love happens when you least expect it.

I was just starting to recognize that my current system for the salon was stupid, in addition to putting myself and others out of business.

Then I met Max, in addition to sparks flying. Thanks to him I am able to afford all of the upgrades to the salon that I needed. I don’t know if you have ever been in a beauty salon before, but there is a particular expectation for comfort when you go, some salons provide free champagne, or offer massages while you wait. At the bare minimum, a good salon needs to have clean, crisp air quality in addition to a nice cool air cooler. If a current buyer walks into my salon in addition to its smell or has poor air quality, they will turn around in addition to leaving. Thanks to the junky old HVAC plan in my salon, I was losing business. I talked to a few odd local HVAC suppliers, but the prices they quoted myself and others were too far out of my budget. Then I met Max. Max was an independent HVAC supplier who worked for himself, in addition to he was more interested in himself and others than my HVAC system. I took a chance in addition to telling Max the bold system I wanted for my salon. It would take a lot of work, but I wanted current ductwork, so that every workstation would have its own directional air vent. I wanted custom cooling for every customer, in addition to Max thought it was a fantastic idea. I knew all of this HVAC work would be costly, but Max said “why don’t my associate and I discuss it over dinner” in addition to the rest of the story.


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