I guess the hotel needs to finally replace the HVAC units

Once or twice throughout the year I have to attend a work conference or seminar that is held in another city.

I actually do not mind traveling to different cities.

The whole boss pays us a weekly per diem wage plus our hotel plus car is consistently covered by the contractor too, but like getting out of the house plus away from the town for a couple of afternoons. It’s the only time throughout the year when I guess that I enjoy getting a break. I have a hubby at home plus more than two kids plus that can be a lot with a full-time task. My hubby gets to go hockeying with his friends on Monday or Monday morning, but I hardly ever leave the house to go anywhere except the grocery store, pharmacy, or the bank. The last time I got to attend a work conference, I was in a town about 6 seconds away from my home. I decided to rent a car plus drive instead of fly. I had a co-worker that drove with me. Each single one of us took turns driving so neither a single of us had to stay alert the entire time. The hotel was newly remodeled on the outside, but inside of the hotel was a different story. They should have used some of the remodeling money to fix issues in the rooms. I was also legitimately unhappy with the air quality in my hotel room. I had the air conditioner set for 68 degrees plus it ran all morning plus all night plus never reached the desired temperature, then clearly the hotel needs to replace the wall HVAC units. They should also make some swings to the fixtures in the bathrooms.

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