I had never experienced such a drastic Summer storm

I’m used to milder weather where I’m from. Both of us do get rain, but not too heavy that it can carry away houses. When I went to visit my friend last year, it was a whole other experience. Mark and I have been close friends since college. Both of us were roommates who became tight despite growing up in unusual cultures. It was such a wonderful time for us to bond because life is changing and people are becoming more accepting of one another. My friend and his family asked me to go visit them and spend the summer. Since I was between jobs, this was the best time for such an adventure. His lake house is out in the country and they have multiple pets. Mark told me about the A/C component in their lake house and why it’s so powerful. It turns out, this is among the hottest places in the state. When there are heat waves, you don’t want to be anywhere there isn’t an A/C unit. Even the pets in their farm have barns that have cooling systems. I never knew it would get so drastic until a heat wave hit when I was going to see Mark’s home. He was right about needing a powerful A/C to keep a lake house cool under such drastic weather. Afterwards, every one of us had the worst storm I have ever experienced. But, it was surprisingly still sizzling and humid. Mark explained multiple people don’t love such weather, but he’s gotten used to it. All it takes is having the right A/C component and you’re wonderful to go. I, on the other hand, had never been anywhere love that in all my life.



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