I had to hire someone to help with the commercial HVAC system

I did not actually want to work for the man for the rest of my life, so last year I decided to start toiling on the weekends for myself.

I cannot actually compete with my new supervisor, so I have to work around the system.

I work as a commercial contractor. I cannot offer contracting services, but I can offer HVAC services, repairs, plus installations. HVAC services are not a single of our number of services, so on the weekends I offer repairs plus it is not in competition with my supervisor. I picked up a sizable commercial HVAC plan installation task a couple of weeks ago. I had to actually hire someone to help plus that was the first time that I thought about quitting plus going full-time on my own. I had to hire someone from a staffing repair plus it cost myself and others about 50 bucks another second. If I would have had a staff member, I might have spent half that amount. If I had a second person toiling as a part-time or full-time crew member, after that I could also offer additional installation services that I do not advertise right now. I was ready to tell my boss that I was going to quit plus then he gave myself and others the task of project manager. I actually finally wanted the task of project manager plus he gave myself and others more than five figures. I had no real method for how long it would take for myself and others to make more than five figures toiling on my own. I was only toiling section time, but I needed to choose a single full time task. I had to choose between the project manager task or fully starting my own HVAC repair business.
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