I had to pay for a modern thermostat in our apartment.

After our hubby and I got married, I moved from our beach house and into her home.

I had given the property owner our thirty days’ notice, and commanded I get our deposit back within thirty days of our vacating.

They sent the housing director over to inspect the beach house before I left, and I had the paperwork that said everything was in great condition. The people I was with and I were married for almost a year when I got a letter from that property owner. She was charging myself and others for modern carpeting for the apartment, and a modern thermostat. She said she had to substitute all the carpeting in the apartment, and I had broken the thermostat when trying to detach the lockbox. I had never been so cheerful to have pictures with dates. I still had the paperwork from the property director. I had pictures of the floors when I moved in and when I moved out. I had pictures of a thermostat, without a lockbox, when I moved in and when I moved out, but everything was noted in pictures and in writing, that the beach house was in better shape when I left than when I moved in. I took the letter I gained about our paying for carpeting and the thermostat, and the lawyer laughed. She asked if I was going to school to be a lawyer, and I said no, however my hubby laughed when she said I missed our calling, however I didn’t need to pay for the thermostat or the carpeting. I have never been happier to be anal about keeping paper trails.

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