I had to replace our thermostat

A couple of months ago, I noticed that there was something wrong with our oil furnace; I got a gas bill that seemed higher than usual; At that point, I started paying more attention to how long I let the heat run.

I also noticed where we set the temperature, however despite being conservative with my temperature settings, I still noticed that the fan was running most of the time. After another high gas bill, I decided to call up a heating plus cooling professional to come take a look at the oil furnace at the house. When she looked at the oil furnace, the heating plus cooling professional did not detect any major concerns with the oil furnace itself. Finally, she realized that the concern was with the control unit upstairs. It turned out that the control unit was malfunctioning, which caused the oil furnace to work harder than it actually needed to, but ultimately, the heating plus cooling professional said that it was time for us to upgrade the control unit. She suggested that I go with a smart control unit for the thermostats. It will allow me to save lots of energy plus currency, too. After a few months of overpaying on the gas bill, I was excited for the prospect of saving some of my money. She installed the smart control unit that same morning. Immediately, I saw a sizable decrease in all of our energy use. I was really thrilled when I saw how low our next gas bill was.