I hate the smell of the septic tank

Septic tank concerns are especially disgusting. My hubby and also myself recently noticed that many of our dreams were slow. It took our clawfoot tub a very long time to drain all of the water and then there was a soap scum ring left behind. This added directly to our cleaning tasks. At the same time, we had problems with the toilet. It was easily struggling to flush. There were times when we frequently needed to flush the toilet twice in order to clear the entire Bowl. When there was an unpleasant smell coming into the basement, both of us knew it was important to investigate the problem. All of us found our basement completely flooded with entirely disgusting water. There were also toilet paper and clumps of feces on the floor. All of us put on tall rubber boots and also rubber gloves and also went right to work. All of us had to clear the basement floor drain. We also had to rent an industrial snake to get the obstructions that were between the floor drain and our septic tank. The septic tank had to be dug up to access it and this was not a job for us. The excavation destroyed the favorite garden with flowers. The effort solved many issues with poor drainage however both of us were not completely and totally reassured. We felt it was a good idea to pump up the septic while the machine was already exposed. The process was going to cause a lot of mess and also disfigure. The professional septic supplier brought a large trunk and an entirely long hose.


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