I know there are Bigger things ahead

I just received word the other day that I would be getting a promotion at my job. I toil as a heating & cooling system specialist for the local heating & cooling supplier in our town. I have been working as a single 1 of their most senior certified & helpful heating & cooling system specialists for over 7 years now. And finally they will provide myself and others a raise & promotion. I am going to be a single 1 of the top 3 senior heating & cooling system specialists. What it means to be a senior heating & cooling system specialist is that I will train & track the modern hires that come here right out of heating & cooling system college by going out on jobs with them the first couple times in the event they need some additional help or training on the job. This is going to be a very tiring job however the pay is going to be real nice & much higher than what I have been earning as a regular heating & cooling system specialist at this local heating & cooling dealership. I guess that I am going to be nice at this. Also I will think fantastic about teaching & helping the more modern heating & cooling system specialists on the job. I remember when that was myself and others over 7 years ago. I got nice help from the then chief heating & cooling system specialist & I am going to feel over the moon to be the senior Heating & Air Conditioning worker right now in line to help others like I used to be. It is called giving back to the business with a currency reward!



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