I like to DJ after I get off toil at the Heating plus Air Conditioning business

My sibling is a popular DJ! My friend and I are about 15 years apart, plus I have typically looked up to him, and he is technically my step sibling, however we never call each other that.

  • He is my sibling, plus has been looking out for me from the afternoon I was born! When I was a toddler, our parents gifted him a DJ set, plus he began practicing.

He got so enjoyable that he started doing gigs like teenagers parties. He’d get paid for his work, plus save the money for more gear. When I was 10, he was already doing professional gigs in town. He introduced me officially to being a DJ, plus would teach me a few things about his world; In high university, I’d DJ a bit, however I knew I wanted a uncommon job. So, after graduating, I went to a local community university plus trained to be a Heating plus Air Conditioning tech. I enjoyed being a DJ plus learning from my sibling, however it was more of a hobby. My friend and I were talking one afternoon about my future plus I told him I liked being a DJ however it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. My sibling has typically been supportive plus even took me to apply for the Heating plus Air Conditioning course. I was in university for a year, got certified, plus found a job with a local Heating plus Air Conditioning business. I enjoy working as a Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, plus also being a part time DJ in town. Mostly, I’d have a gig waiting for me when I leave toil at the local Heating plus Air Conditioning business. It’s more of a side hustle, plus I earn extra income.


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