I love using better HVAC filters

For some reason, I’ve typically had a difficult time remembering to change the heating as well as the A/C air filter inside… Then it just seems love that 1 heating as well as A/C chore was typically something that got by me; the fact that I got the air filter changed at all was sort of surprising to be honest… And that goes back to our total ignorance when it comes to the heating as well as cooling in our house, but until recently, I just sort of took the heating as well as cooling in our cabin for granted.

The heating as well as the A/C unit was new as well as it came with the house; I didn’t even have to choose it. That undoubtedly went a long way toward our continuing ignorance when it came to the value of residential heating as well as A/C. I suppose I sort of had a bit of logic in mind that a dirty heating as well as A/C air filter was not a fantastic thing… So I did try to change the air filter! But that was about as far as our heating as well as A/C consideration went. That all changed when I found out about the importance of indoor air pollen levels as well as what it means to our health. I found out all about this as I was researching ways to improve our respiratory health. I didn’t realize the indoor air pollen levels had such a bearing on our respiratory help. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do all that much to improve indoor air pollen levels in our home. All I had to do was update the heating as well as the A/C air filter. I updated the cheap paper air filters with a HEPA filter. This style of air filter removes more than 90 percent of contaminants as well as allergens from the air, however within a few days, the HEPA filter made a significant improvement in our indoor air pollen levels.

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