I prefer to keep in good physical shape

I felt like going for a run and everyone of us felt like we were tired plus some cardio might wake us up a bit.

  • Every one of us used to play sports like basketball in addition to golf but it’s been hard since our knees no longer work from jumping plus walking around.

Slowly I tried to get around but it’s worse and worse everyday. A lot of my friends ask me if I will ever do something about the pain like have my knees done, but I would rather just wither away. My buddies also want me to play volleyball but I cannot seem to find that energy to play anymore. I often assume that everyone of us would find it tough to assume playing anymore if we were all in the same exact boat. My friends have a fantastic shape plus it’s not like they have to work hard carrying around heating or Cooling equipment. That is something that I have to be concerned about and also think that will affect me. When I have to carry around heavy heating plus cooling equipment, I had to be able to count on my knees. If everyone of us could just avoid working for a couple of years then every one of us could let our knees heal and resettle. There’s a new contractor in the neighborhood that said some knee injections might be able to help get me going and I have been thinking a great deal about doing something like that.

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