I really love my smart thermostat and what it provides

At first I was genuinely hesitant about getting a smart thermostat, however, I was finally talked into it by a fantastic neighbor of mine; and all I can say is I am thrilled that I was… However, because this smart thermostat is possibly the best thing I ever purchased for our central HVAC plan unit; however, it has made our energy bills so much lower plus it has also made operating our central HVAC plan so much more convenient thanks to the app that is on our cell cellphone plus our beach apartment laptop.

I also no longer have to get up plus change the thermostat setting if it gets too hot or frigid while I am fantasizing on our couch.

I can just have our cell phone nearby plus change it to whatever it needs to be. Also the fantastic thing in terms of energy savings is that I can control the smart thermostat from anywhere I am at. If I am at my job I can turn off the central HVAC plan when I go out the door in the morning! Then, when I am getting in our car to come to the beach apartment from my job I can turn the central HVAC plan back on again. By the time I get to the beach apartment our apartment is either hot or cool as if I had the central HVAC plan running all afternoon long! This is the awesome beauty of having a smart thermostat plus the app to control it. I am so ecstatic that our neighbor talked me into this!

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