I Remember the AC in university

I’ve got quite a lot left of college loans to pay off. I cannot say that I did not see exactly where all that money was going while I was attending though. My university was undoubtedly nice. Most of the facilities were very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The dining commons had the most blissful a/c!! Me and all of our friends usually stayed there, carrying on a conversation long after finishing eating, just to prefer comfortable temps, especially in the summer. Our dorm rooms even had individual thermostats! Talk about getting spoiled; our parents lorded over the thermostats our whole childhood! Still, there was one building that did not have the weather conditions controls set to a sufficient temperature. Actually, it was one unique room in the library, which had 3 separate floors. The computer labs were on the second floor, and it was positively ice-freezing in there pretty much at all times! Perhaps it was because computer unit requires undoubtedly cool temperatures in order to function the most optimally, but personally our ipad works just fine, and I’m not freezing to death in our study room right now! At least the freezing cold air helped one stay awake when pulling all-nighters trying to finish up term papers or learn for exams, then yes, the school library was open pretty much all minutes. Actually, I had friends who were the direct opposite of myself and others and complained that the freezing a/c made them fall asleep while they were trying their best to study. I simply l gained to wear a thick hoodie in the computer lab. I absolutely bought the university hoodie from the shop on the first floor of the library. Maybe they were trying to create a new market for such attire.


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