I sent my daughter to college so I could get free web development advice.

My daughter was always looking over my shoulder whenever I was changing my HVAC website.

  • She loved showing me where I was making mistakes and how to improve the website by just adding a few words in different areas.

I laughed one afternoon when she told me she wanted to college and learn about web development. She said that if she had a degree in web development, she could do all my website changes for free. She could also make money by working with an online web development company or an online marketing company. She didn’t want to attend a four-year college, and found a technical college that offered a two-year course without the classes she didn’t want. She came home every night and showed me everything she had learned. During the time she was in school, I was also learning. I hoped that by the time she was done with her classes in web development and social media, I would also be an expert. Maybe I could be one of those online marketing company HVAC experts who help HVAC company owners like me to create and use HVAC websites to build their business. Or, maybe I will have an HVAC company that is so successful because of my daughter, that I’ll be too busy to do anything but run my HVAC company. If I had to choose, I would take the extremely successful HVAC company owner tag. If it weren’t for wanting my HVAC company to thrive, i wouldn’t worry about website and online marketing, and paying for an expensive college degree..