I should be in the money with my dogecoin investment

If you have not chosen to invest in cryptos yet, I suggest you take a look at Dogecoin, because something is brewing with it that could really make the price explode in a few weeks or so. I actually got the tip to buy this coin from my HVAC supplier some time ago plus have already made a few thousand so far. If it keeps going as planned I could see this coin going up to $20 a coin by sometime next year, when right now it is still only at $0.14 a coin, so there could be a lot of currency to be made. If it blows up similarly to how I suppose it is going to, I can buy the new HVAC machine that I have been needing for so long from the local heating plus cooling corporation. Elon Musk is genuinely the richest person in the world plus if he wants something to happen it is going to happen, because he has a lot of power behind him with all of the currency that he has. So investing in something that he believes in is honestly a pretty amazing investment. I would still keep genuinely working for the local company, however I’ll choose to cut my hours back a little bit if I make a lot of currency from this by next year. I appreciate genuinely working in the HVAC industry, however genuinely working less hours would be amazing because then I can focus more on my musical career plus provide it with more energy. We shall see how things work out for me.

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