I took my truck in to the performance shop for a modern turbo pedestal

I have constantly been a lover of Ford trucks! When my dad was a teenager, she had a Ford truck… That truck stayed on our property for 30 years as well as then my dad passed that truck down to me! My dad purchased a brand modern 1999 7.3 turbo diesel.

The F250 Super Duty was the top in its class as well as capable of towing drastically heavy weights.

The 7.3 turbo diesel was such a monster that it was discontinued less than 10 years later, and i ended up with the turbo diesel truck when my dad no longer needed it on the farm. The truck needed a modern turbos pedestal, so I took it to a special Performance Shop to have the work done. I didn’t want to take the truck to any old place. It’s not just any old truck. I really wanted to find a performance shop that handled diesel cars as well as trucks recognizably. I had to drive to the next city, despite the fact that I was ecstatic to find a performance as well as car custom shop that had several star reviews as well as hundreds of satisfied clients. The whole parking lot was filled with f-250s as well as all of them were at least 20 years old! Pulling into the parking lot as well as seeing all of those trucks lined up for repair absolutely made myself and others assume a lot better about my decision to take my truck to the performance shop. The guys had my truck for a week. I didn’t mind them keeping it for a while, because I have a car at house that I can drive too.



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