I want a treadmill

For my home gym, I’ve invested into the most basic equipment.

I have been unwilling to spend a lot of money on workout gear.

I have a yoga mat, jump rope, set of free weights and an incline bench. I get creative with the types of workouts I do. I include all different types of lunges, squats, push-ups, ab crunches and static holds. I’ve gotten really skilled at jumping rope. I go through a variety of weight-lifting techniques to target all different areas of the arms, shoulders and back. When the weather cooperates, I might go for a run or a bike ride. Just recently, I visited my son for a long weekend. I stayed at his house and had a wonderful time. My son spent a small fortune on a recent innovation in treadmills. The machine is not powered by electricity but by the movement of the feet. It has a curved track and operates almost silently. A longer stride causes the track to speed up while a shorter stride does the opposite. The machine has no top speed. It took some getting used to, but I absolutely loved running on that treadmill. Once I got on it and got going, I didn’t want to get off. I ended up running for over an hour and burning a tremendous amount of calories. Although the machine is rather large and expensive, I want one. I saw how beneficial it can be to have access to a machine that provides high intensity cardio exercise. The treadmill is perfect for days when I feel lazy or when there’s inclement weather.

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