I wanted to clean up the kitchen

None of the weeks ago, I turned off the home office faucet so I could disinfect dishes.

The water was tepid and there was steam coming from the sink.

I could have entirely scalded both of my hands. I immediately headed down to the basement so I could look at the tepid water heater for a problem. I descended the stairs and I could hear water absolutely running. I quickly discovered the basement floor had been flooded and has several inches of standing water. The tepid water tank ruptured and it was leaking a huge amount of water on the floor. The water was seriously hot. It is a fantastic thing that I absolutely noticed these issues right away because both of us were at serious risk for an electrical fire. I shut down the main water valve and also turned off the breaker that connected the water heater. I had to shop at the loft improvement store for a brand new water heater and I was easily surprised by the low prices. Many basic models cost several hundred dollars. Removing the old and outdated water tank was not a pleasant job and I decided that it was possible and necessary to contact a plumbing contractor to do the work. The plumbing contractor removed all of the problematic parts and replace them with something that would work up better. Apparently the machine that we purchased was without some parts that were necessary and only a trained plumber would have known what he should be looking for.
standard water heater installation