I was able to repair the air conditioner alone

I was able to repair the air conditioner myself last Summer when it froze up, however this was a crucial deal for me, since I have never really been able to repair anything myself in my entire life.

I have never been what you would call a handy kind of guy. I don’t even think how to change a lightbulb or unclog a drain. It’s just not something that I am gifted with, for some reason. I think a lot of other things, though. For instance, I’m super smart when it comes to computers plus vocabulary words. I’m just not good at fixing things in real life! Anyway, last Summer the two of us had a record heat wave around where I live. The temperature was up in the triple digits plus it literally never gets that hot around here! People were calling their Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C companies right plus left because they couldn’t get their air conditioner units to keep up with the demand that the temperature was placing on them. I had my own concerns at my home when I realized that the temperature in the home was going up instead of down when I had the air conditioner running. Apparently, I had the air conditioner on for so long that all of the condensation caused it to freeze up somehow! I turned the whole thing off for a while because I thought it made sense to let it thaw out. Even though I got really hot plus uncomfortable during the time that I left it turned off, when I turned it back on, it started working again!

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