I worried the HVAC tech wouldn't make it.

Last week, I called the HVAC technician and asked them to send someone over and look at the air conditioning unit.

I hadn’t used it yet this summer, and I wanted it inspected and cleaned before I turned it on.

We had a couple of days in the mid-eighties, but now the humidity was coming in. I didn’t want to go through a humid summer without air conditioning. On the day the HVAC technician was to arrive, the weather forecast was for severe storms. The forecast was for four to five inches of rain, and severe thunder and lightning. I worried the HVAC technician wouldn’t make it, but I worried more than he would show up and not be able to do anything because of the thunder and lightning. I didn’t even know if they worked in inclement weather, especially since they had to be outside to work on air conditioning units. An hour before the HVAC technician was to arrive, I got a phone call from the HVAC company. They told me he would be late because of the weather. It was taking longer to work on the AC units because of the rain and lightning. We had an overhang over the air conditioning unit, but I was sure not everyone did. I told the woman on the phone that I would be okay if they had to wait until the next day to have the air conditioning unit cleaned. She thanked me, and set me up with another appointment.
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