I would like to wake up to good air quality

Before I could open my eyeah, I could tell I was sleeping on clean bed sheets.

The fabric softener was attractive however needed to be more familiar. I could odor eggs, freshly toasted bread, and ginger tea, just as I liked it. I had to be dreaming, however it was such a pleasant dream that I did not want to ruin it by opening my eyeah. The sound of a spoon dropping prompted me to open my eyeah. Something needed to be fixed. Nothing looked familiar, and a quick inspection revealed that I was in someone else’s clothes; Panic started to set in, and the next thing was a soft knock on the door and then footsteps. When I was aware of what was happening, I heard a person who was entirely on the cellphone talking about a multi-split air conditioner plan and that he was expecting an air conditioner worker in an hour; Had I been kidnapped, and why had I passed out again? He went on about the good thermostat and the wonders it was laboring together with his Heating and Air Conditioning replacement. It must have been because the high air quality was apparent. I forgot about my situation for a hour. I started wondering if the air conditioner provider had done the ductwork cleaning in our apartment building, not to mention the air conditioner repair. This person must take care of his quality Heating and Air Conditioning component because if his conversation was anything to go by, he called the air conditioner company for Heating and Air Conditioning repair twice a year. I barely remember replacing my a/c filter, much less anything to do with the cooling industry. Or he was an air conditioner serviceman. Was that the sound of an air cleaner that I had heard? This person knew more about air conditioner and sought-after quality air conditioning service. I was confused, and my body felt weak. When I finally managed to open my eyeah, I was shocked to see an all too respected face.

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