If you burn a lot of candles, buy a lot of air filters for the HVAC

The late fall isn’t too far away and I love that time of year.

  • That hasn’t always been the case.

It took my wife to bring back the magic of the holidays. Her love for the holidays is just so infectious. Spending a lot of time inside the commercial HVAC of work during that time of year makes coming home even better. That’s the time of year that’s most hectic for me and my work. We have a lot to accomplish in that commercial HVAC by the end of the year. Having a nip in the air, reminds me that I’ll be going home two nice hvac heating and a special glow. That glow comes from my wife but also from all the candles that are lit in the house. She is way into candles. She loves having the candles cranking during the holidays. Honestly though, it’s the coziest, most comforting feeling for me. It’s hard to believe because I’m not all that sentimental for the holidays. However, all those candles being lit at that time of year has a way of just de-stressing me and adding a smile to my face. But when that time of year comes, I have to go to the hardware store. That’s where I pick up a case of HVAC air filters. I have too frequently change the air filters on the HVAC unit due to all the candle wax collecting on the HVAC filter. But that’s the least I can do during that special time of year. I’m just so thankful to live in a great place with the best person on earth.


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