If you’re laughing at me, you aren’t funny.

We have never had central air conditioning and have always been happy with our window air conditioning units.

When the AC unit in our bedroom broke, we debated if we wanted to buy a new one, or take one out of one of the other bedrooms.

My husband took one of the newer window AC units and put it into our bedroom, and then took the broken one into the garage. My husband was in the garage tearing the AC unit apart. He was so deep in thought; I was sure he was trying to repair it. When he came in from the garage that night, I asked if he had made any progress. He saw me smile and told me if I was laughing at him; I wasn’t funny. He was serious about trying to repair the air conditioning unit. He said even if we didn’t use it, at least it would be there if we needed a spare while trying to purchase a new AC unit. I didn’t mean to upset my husband, but I was just wondering what he was doing with the AC unit. I never saw him as being a handyman, but he was proving he was one. Not only did he eventually get the air conditioning unit running, but he kept it running for another year. You couldn’t ask for a better air conditioning unit, and the cooling was better than it had ever been. He said that maybe he had missed his calling when he chose to be a lawyer, because working on HVAC units was so much more fun.

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