I’m so happy Diana loves working as an HVAC professional

I have this friend who I’ve known for 20 years.

  • She’s been my best friend since college.

Diana and I were thick as thieves during our college years. There was nothing that we did separately and we had so much fun. Boys would try to date and separate us, but we always found ways to have double-dates. Later, after graduation, she went to work abroad. The few times we met after that was like we were never separated. We would still have fun and even our kids share the same bond. A few years back, Diana got tired of her demanding job and sought to change her career. She was traveling so much and missed her family. So, we spoke about trying the HVAC industry. My brother is an HVAC expert and he advised Diana to train in an HVAC school. Diana loved learning about the HVAC industry and saw this was her chance to be at home. She also loved being the oldest in the class, unlike other people who would feel weird. After graduation, she got her HVAC certification and was hired by a local HVAC business. Now, Diana is a much sought-after HVAC professional in our community. Her charm and charisma makes all the older folks want her to work on their HVAC units. She goes to their homes, services and repairs the units while giving stories and making sure they’re all doing okay. I love that she is happy working as an HVAC professional and I have my friend back home. Plus, we can now resume our many adventures as girls and as families.



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