I’m so thankful for our Heating, Ventilation and A/C savings this summer

I just couldn’t do it again this summer. This is the ninth full Summer we’ve lived in the south. And while we’ve become accustomed to a lot of other things about this region, the heat plus humidity is tougher. For sure, all of us knew that all of us were in for a weather conditions change when all of us moved down here. There would no longer be any need for a gas furnace for starters. We’d left that sort of Heating, Ventilation and A/C device behind when all of us chose to move south for a great job opportunity for our wifey. She is so ecstatic to be laboring from the zone controlled Heating, Ventilation and A/C comfort of her up-to-date offices. And being the boss is pretty cool as well. But she’s worked a long time for this sort of position so she’s more that prepared. In fact, last year, her office was the number one office in the company. That’s a immense turnover for that office which had been near the bottom prior to our wifey taking over. Still, all of us have had a heck of a time when it comes to the Frankly, all of us just had to ease up on it so all of us could better acweather conditions to the heat. For sure, just pouring on more plus more Heating, Ventilation and A/C cooling wasn’t the answer. Well, it was the answer if you are looking for outrageous energy bills. So this Springtime, our wifey plus I decided to wait as long as all of us could to start cranking the And it sure has worked because all of us are comfortable with a higher thermostat setting plus we’re saving a whole bunch of money.


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