Improved HVAC adds value

It’s incredible that we were able to get 27 years out of the previous heat pump.

Given that it wasn’t exactly top-of-the-line heating and cooling equipment, that is even more astounding.

We were young and had just begun a family when we purchased this home. The key, without a doubt, was leaving our apartment. Our goal was to bring up our child in a house. However, we were still in the early stages of our careers and weren’t exactly making six figure salaries. Our entire savings were needed just to put the down payment together. When it came to things like the HVAC system or the kitchen appliances, the seller was unwilling to budge. So it was nice that we were able to negotiate the price down a little. And all we could do was hope that the HVAC system would last as long as possible. We used it for about two years. We had to use a less expensive HVAC unit when it broke down. But after it was installed by the HVAC experts, we did make sure that it received seasonal HVAC maintenance every year. I have to say that the HVAC maintenance definitely served its purpose. We anticipated that the heat pump would last somewhere between 17 and 20 years. And it lasted 27 years before we had to replace it with the newest residential HVAC technology. But in a way, the timing of that has also come together perfectly. Our eldest child is independent after graduating from college. We can sell the family home, and all of our children are doing well. We significantly increased the value of our home by installing the best HVAC technology and the most recent in residential HVAC.


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