Improvements with better a/c filters

For some reason, I’ve consistently had a taxing time remembering to change the HVAC air filter! Just seems like that one HVAC chore was consistently something that got by me, then the fact that I got the air filter changed at all was sort of surprising to be honest; and that goes back to my total ignorance when it comes to the heating and cooling in my house! Until recently, I just sort of took the heating and cooling in my home for granted. The HVAC device was new and it came with the house. I didn’t even have to choose it. That actually went a long way toward my continuing ignorance when it came to the value of residential HVAC. I think I sort of had a bit of logic in my mind that a dirty HVAC air filter was not a wonderful thing, but so I did try to change the air filter, and but that’s about as far as my HVAC consideration went. That all changed when I found out about the importance of air quality and what it means to our health. I discovered all about this as I was researching ways to improve my respiratory health. I didn’t realize the air quality had such a bearing on my respiratory help. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do all that much to particularly improve the air quality of my home. All I had to do was upgrade the HVAC air filter. I replaced the cheap paper air filters with a HEPA filter. This genre of air filter removes more than 90 percent of contaminants and allergens from the air, then within a few afternoons, the HEPA filter made a significant difference in my air quality.
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