Inspecting the customer’s fuse, breaker and refrigerant

A shopper called the repair shop because she did not have any freezing A/C in her house. The lady described the problem she was having with the A/C unit and I thought it sounded like a refrigerant problem. Sometimes when the refrigerant is low, the air coming out of the method isn’t cold! I had a morning appointment so I scheduled the customer for a 2:00 spot. I finished up my early repair appointment and had some supper at a local restaurant. The place has some of the best burgers and fries. They consistently cook the fries to perfection and they come out with the perfect amount of crisp. The burgers can be well done or medium and I love mine with a little bit of red. I also love to have my steaks the same way. I was fortunate to have a nice long supper, most of the time I have to work through supper and I don’t always get the opportunity to sit. I answered some messages and called a couple of my customers. I arrived at the customer’s place around 1:30. I inspected the thermostat and the fuse and breaker first. I also checked the pressure on the refrigerant. It was low, but I didn’t think it was a problem that was due to low refrigerant. I found a hose with a hole. I didn’t have the hose section on the repair truck, I was only a few miles away from the shop. The refrigerant line was easy to upgrade and repair. I finished up early for the afternoon.



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